“With String of Pearls by our side, we were able to make memories with our daughter that will last a lifetime, and for that, we are forever grateful.”

On October 2nd, 2007 our son Larson was given a terminal diagnosis. He was not our 1st child, but it felt like he was because all of the decisions for his life were quite different then the ones we made for his siblings. Just 2 days after his diagnosis, we were given Laura’s information at String of Pearls. We felt very fortunate to have someone with both medical and personal experience to gently walk along side us through these uncharted waters. While the story of his life was filled with many unknowns….the support we had through String of Pearls made the journey more bearable. We are grateful for their emotional support as well as medical support. With the support of String of Pearls, Larson’s life was well honored and incredibly beautiful.

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